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About IFTA

Financial Technology (Fintech) has gained attention recently in the World Economic trend. Hence IFTAcademy (International Financial Technology Academy) identified market demands and participated in creating an interactive Global Fintech Ecosystem .

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Our Core Value


Carry out enhanced decisions
in Financial Technology activities


Educate anyone interested in
Market Analysis for better future


From Novice to Expert;
From Nobody to Somebody


Develop the Global
Financial Technology Ecosystem

IFTAcademy is a perfect combination of abundant resources and talents platform to assist fellow investors to understand trending Market concept and business models by providing professional guidance and technical data.

IFTAcademy fully committed to educate community members to grow steadily and rapidly, to earn their place in this competitive Financial Market.

Our Vision is to maintain the Global Fintech Ecosystem by revolutionizing education yet becoming the beacon of Fintech Education while embrace the community members to life abundance.

Our Alliances

National Blockchain Board

The charter of the National Blockchain Board is mainly to supervise the policies formulated by the National Blockchain Technology Council and promote the balanced development of the blockchain ecology in a fair environment, including the promotion of relevant courses.

University Of Malaya

University of Malaya proudly boasts its achievement in being the foremost and premier Research University (RU) in Malaysia, it is well-known of its excellent tertiary education in arts and science fields. It has graduated two Prime Ministers of Malaysia, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Mahathir bin Mohammad.

IFTAcademy (International Financial Technology Academy) is the World Class Financial Technology Hub with outstanding talents and modern philosophy. IFTAcademy consists of a group of talented mentors who are expert in the global market analysis and the financial ecosystem. Besides that, IFTAcademy also collaborate with world class business consultants who are specifically skilled in the field of Business Investment, Asset & Strategy Management, e-Commerce, Organizational Reformation, Merger & Acquisition(M&A) and Internet Finance.