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Technical Analysis Course (TAC)Series
Christine from Shanghai, China

The Dean of IFTAcademy, Dr. Kevin Ng often said that Being in Financial Industry is like Being a human being. You have a good attitude, you will be able to recognize yourself; know which direction u are going to; and how to reach the destination; in order to truly do well in Financial Industry.

Every time being at IFTAcademy is like going back home. 

Lipeng Qin from ShenZhen, China

In the TAC course, I had many realizations on Market fluctuations, and during the process, I felt the awefulness towards the market. The courses atmosphere at IFTAcademy makes me feel relaxed, happy, and feel like home.

MJ from ShenZhen, China

I have learnt the skills of technical analysis and fundamental analysis from Dean of IFTAcademy, Dr.Kevin Ng. If you feel want to learn technical or fundamental analysis,  Do come to IFTAcademy right here!

LiLi from ShenZhen, China

I had learnt what blockchain is at IFTAcademy, and I felt a True Heart of Educating people from the Dean, Dr. Kevin Ng. I’m really expressed my gratitude towards him.

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  1. Ralf Goodforest

    I read your post and realized that I just needed a wooden floor with underfloor heating. It remains to find a contractor who will plan and do everything for little money.

    • Roland Badfield

      Cool idea! Underfloor heating is good that warm air rises from the bottom and warms everything in its path until rising to the ceiling.

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