Founder of IFTAcademy, Dr. Kevin Ng with 20 years of expertise in Managing Finance, Entrepreneurship and Financial Field.  Dr. Kevin Ng believes the notion of Education lies in simplifying complications, Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis whilst systematizing its approach.

Position Dr. Kevin Ng
Founder & Dean  International Financial Technology Academy
Advisor  China’s Communist Youth League
Advisor  Guang dong Enterprise Integrity Association
Coach  China Top 100 Business Model
Vice President Shen Zhen Economics Commissions
Author  《The New Legend of Heroes》
Author 《The Miracle of Finance》

   Dr. Kevin Ng’s 


Dr. Kevin Ng’s Publications

【The New Legend of Heroes】

An archive of a talented entrepreneur’s biography and lifetime achievements. In addition to that, this book comprises lifetime lessons that are applicable in various situations – including financial market.

【The Miracle of Finance】 

This masterpiece is a collaboration of author himself, Dr. Kevin Ng and Dato Sri Stewart K.S. Low which provides an insightful tutorial and big picture of the market for fellow readers who wish to involve in marketing.

IFTAcademy (International Financial Technology Academy) is the World Class Financial Technology Hub with outstanding talents and modern philosophy. IFTAcademy consists of a group of talented mentors who are expert in the global market analysis and the financial ecosystem. Besides that, IFTAcademy also collaborate with world class business consultants who are specifically skilled in the field of Business Investment, Asset & Strategy Management, e-Commerce, Organizational Reformation, Merger & Acquisition(M&A) and Internet Finance.