Life Transformation Course (LTC) – Year 2019

Life Transformation Series
Student 1
I’ve learnt how to come to peace with my past. Always thought to let go something I have to confront the person to fully let go. Here, I learnt that I can do that on my own by facing it with my inner self.

I’ve always connected with my inner self since young but I never fully understood its full powers and capability. Here, I’ve learnt the potential I can do by connecting more with my inner self. I will talk and chat more with my inner self, like how I used to when young.

Thanks for reminding me of my inner self existence.

Student 2

* Being in many courses to improve self being I find ‘Oneness Awakening’ is most wonderful course I have attended and transform in my life journey.

* Failure in relationship has put me in bad faith and lost confident in building up another relationship after the 3 days sessions, I realize what and where is the root causes of the failure.

* Looking at things and life differently.

* Will encourage friends and family members to attend this course.

Student 3

Thank you “SD&KT” for guiding me in this 3 days. My weight is much lighter after I attended this 3 days courses. I was doubt when aunty ling & my mum keep persuading me to attend this course, I felt like NO!NO! Its weekend & I wanted to look after my shop, I need to earn money $$$.

And now…… I‘m feeling thankful because I’m here.

I learned something. I really did! Thank you! From the stubborn ‘past’me!​

Student 4

* I feel joy, relief and happiness after the course

* In this 3 days course, I realized the higher self is all this while by my side through all my ups and downs. I am blessed all this years which I have forgotten and I am grateful for all that had happened around me all this years and the higher self was there beside me walking through with me.

* I am also glad that I have brought my friend to this course as I can see that the course has helped her to answer all the questions and doubts after her husband departure (passed away). I wish happiness and higher self be with her and guide her to road of happiness. Namaste

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