Co-Founder Dr. Randy Lee

Dr. Randy Lee experienced personnel in I.T, Blockchain and Fintech Development for the Past 20 Years.
Dr. Randy is the Author and Editor for “Tokenomic Economy” which launched in 2018, mainly discussed on reconstructing the Ecosystem of Tokenomic.
The Ecosystem including Artificial Intelligence Trading Software, Integral Point System Wallet, Online E-Commerce incorporated with Blockchain Technology, Big Data System, Online Internet Education Platform and also developing Decentralized Filling System.
All these system development value estimated at USD 80mil to USD100 Mil over the Past 20 Years.
Dr. Randy’s endeavor in achieving his aims did not dull, and has extended to invest his time in providing Financial Education in 2019, an Academy for the young with the Vision of Empowering them with Financial Knowledge with the goal of attaining Financial Independence.
Further to this, Dr. Randy has contributed to the advent of Tokenization and Digitalization Ideology, provides more than 1000 conferences and seminars to share his ideas and knowledge within the ASEAN Region.

Reconstructing the Ecosystem of Tokenomic

This book was created under the collaboration of various experts in trading and marketing while providing an all-embracing knowledge about Financial Technology. In the realms of financial technology-FinTech, the concept of FinTech and Ecommerce are well received and understood.

This book advises fellow readers to embrace the term “Token Economy” with an open heart and open mind. It also unveils the beauty of Financial Technology which most people often misunderstood due to lack of its understanding. It also discusses the following points that are relevant to tokenomics and financial technology, such as its behavior, ecosystem, application, algorithm and consensus, as well as the future trend of these fields aforesaid.

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