Founder Dr. Kevin Ng

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Founder of IFTAcademy, Dr. Kevin Ng (PhD. in Finance and Global Investment (By Research) U.M) with 20 years of expertise in Managing Finance, Entrepreneurship and Financial Field.
Dr. Kevin Ng believes the notion of Education lies in simplifying complications, Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis whilst systematizing its approach.

Message from Founder

Beautiful State is the Fundamental of Beautiful Life.
Ripple effect of Beautiful State will make the World more Beautiful.

Dr. Kevin Ng's Awards & Honors Achievements Over the Years

GuangDong Enterprise Integrity Association
China Youth League’s Entrepreneurship China Series
Master in Business & Management
China Top 100 Entrepreneur Education Summit 2014
Chinese Culture in Zhejiang University Center for Public History 2019
Vice Chairman
Shen Zhen Economics Commissions
Master Coach
China Top 100 Financial Expert 2016
Award Winner
China Financial Derivatives Forum Expert 2016
Continuous Growth Edu-preneur
Grandeur and Elegante International Business Award 2017/2018

The Secret of Inborn

【The Secret of Inborn】with the contents to reveal the hidden treasures of Chinese Civilization, especially what are the hidden inborn talents, wisdom and human’s functionalities abilities of mankind, since the moment we were born.

The fact is to unlock the secret finding of our own self and to break through beyond our inner self.

Finally we can obtain abilities power to achieve success, answer and freedom in life.

Reconstructing the Ecosystem of Tokenomic

This book was created under the collaboration of various experts in trading and marketing while providing an all-embracing knowledge about Financial Technology. In the realms of financial technology-FinTech, the concept of FinTech and Ecommerce are well received and understood.

This book advises fellow readers to embrace the term “Token Economy” with an open heart and open mind. It also unveils the beauty of Financial Technology which most people often misunderstood due to lack of its understanding. It also discusses the following points that are relevant to tokenomics and financial technology, such as its behavior, ecosystem, application, algorithm and consensus, as well as the future trend of these fields aforesaid.

The Miracle of Finance

This masterpiece begins with the notion of finance, while providing the history on evolution of economy, together with the significance and realization of monetary value. There are various core elements which highlights and archives the economic crises that happened in the past which serves as a reminder for fellow economists-perhaps as a sounding alarm for those who are unaware of the future markets.

This book also provided the means of capital operation for current and future business owners. Considering the marketing trend has made revolutionary changes compared to the past, this book allows the readers to venture into the depths of current and possibly future economic trends.

The New Legend of Heroes

An archive of a talented entrepreneur’s biography and lifetime achievements. This book comprises lifetime lessons that are applicable in various situations – including financial market. It provides a comprehensive overview of marketing trend altogether with technical analysis for fellow market enthusiasts who wish to successfully grasp the context of market.

Backed with relevant strategies to manage one’s own business, this book is considered as a holy grail for those who wish to seek a proper guidance to kickstart in market, or to prosper in the relevant field – not only a mere guidance to the market and trading, but also a reminder and motivation for fellow readers to be more aware of the environment and the people around. It aspires the readers to inspire the others before expire.

IFTAcademy is the Humanizing Education Hub with outstanding talents and modern philosophy. IFTAcademy consists of a group of talented mentors who are expert in the market trend analysis and global economic ecosystem.