Joey Boo

Business Development Director


  • Retail and Commercial Banking
  • Wealth Asset Management
  • IT Management
  • Investments Management


41-3, The Boulevard Office, Mid Valley City K.L

Joey furthered her studies in Business Administration at University of Malaya in 2007.

Being a Finance Major, she chose to start her career in the Banking line. She chose CIMB Bank Berhad as her stepping stone and was assigned to the retail banking division as a Financial Wealth Advisor.

Subsequently, she pursued her career as Finance and Human Resource Director in IT Consulting Company.

In 2014, drawn by her affinity to the Finance World, Joey stepped back and joined CIMB Bank Berhad to further enhance her financial skills. She undertook her role as Preferred Banking Branch Manager diligently and served priority and private banking accounts.

Equipped with over 14 years of experience in the Banking, IT and Wealth Management Divisions, Joey has various specializations covered including various sales functions covering Retail and Commercial Banking, Investments and Wealth Asset Management.

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