Zenn Ho

General Manager


  • Educational Advisory
  • Team Development Advisory
  • Personal Wealth Planning
  • Corporate Strategic Planning


MSU Innovation & Entrepreneurship Sandbox (MINES)

Zenn is holding a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and Statistics from Campbell University, North Carolina US and Advanced Diploma from Tunku Adbul Rahman College.

Actively engage in International Business Alliance Projects between China, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and other places.

Committed in building an high-quality educational platform, with a strong sense of social responsibility, educate and train all walks of life to build the right wealth philosophy,
Improve the wealth strategy level of public, continuously improve their quality of life and complete the national CSR work.

Zenn is a Certified Wealth Flow Coach, where Wealth Flow Sand Table is a key to explore to Wealthy and Joyful life with combination of Western financial management and Chinese culture. Led professionally by Certified Wealth Flow Coaches, players will be able to

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