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Teamed with numerous leading organization and prestigious educational institutions, IFTAcademy strengthens Financial elite’s approach in investment and its philosophy while promoting the advancement of Financial Ecosystem Digital Transformation. IFTAcademy prepares Financial elites to understand the future possibilities of Digital Commerce and Technology, and to be expert in the rapid development of the relevant field.


From Dummies to Professionals
Provide Strategic approaches of market operation for community members.
Business Advisory
Provide full-spectrum Business Advisory of digitally-transformed business model
Lead to development of Fintech Ecosystem through humanity Intellectual upgrade.


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Technical Analysis Course (TAC) Series

Christine from Shanghai, China

The Dean of IFTAcademy, Dr. Kevin Ng often said that Being in Financial Industry is like Being a human being. You have a good attitude, you will be able to recognize yourself; know which direction u are going to; and how to reach the destination; in order to truly do well in Financial Industry.
Every time being at IFTAcademy is like going back home. If you want to learn Financial, come to IFTAcademy!

Lipeng Qin from ShenZhen, China

In the TAC course, I had many realizations on Market fluctuations, and during the process, I felt the awefulness towards the market. The courses atmosphere at IFTAcademy makes me feel relaxed, happy, and feel like home.

MJ from ShenZhen, China

I have learnt the skills of technical analysis and fundamental analysis from Dean of IFTAcademy, Dr.Kevin Ng. If you feel want to learn technical or fundamental analysis,  Do come to IFTAcademy right here!.

Lili from ShenZhen, China

I had learnt what blockchain is at IFTAcademy, and I felt a True Heart of Educating people from the Dean, Dr. Kevin Ng. I’m really expressed my gratitude towards him.

Oneness Awakening Course (OAC) Series

Student 1: 
I’ve learnt how to come to peace with my past. Always thought to let go something I have to confront the person to fully let go. Here, I learnt that I can do that on my own by facing it with my inner self.

I’ve always connected with my inner self since young but I never fully understood its full powers and capability. Here, I’ve learnt the potential I can do by connecting more with my inner self. I will talk and chat more with my inner self, like how I used to when young.

Thanks for reminding me of my inner self existence.

Student 2: 

* Being in many courses to improve self being I find ‘Oneness Awakening’ is most wonderful course I have attended and transform in my life journey.

* Failure in relationship has put me in bad faith and lost confident in building up another relationship after the 3 days sessions, I realize what and where is the root causes of the failure.

* Looking at things and life differently.

* Will encourage friends and family members to attend this course.

Student 3:

Thank you “SD&KT” for guiding me in this 3 days. My weight is much lighter after I attended this 3 days courses. I was doubt when aunty ling & my mum keep persuading me to attend this course, I felt like NO!NO! Its weekend & I wanted to look after my shop, I need to earn money$$$. And now…… I‘m feeling thankful because I’m here. I learned something. I really did! Thank you! From the stubborn ‘past’me!​

Student 4:  

* I feel joy, relief and happiness after the course

* In this 3 days course, I realized the higher self is all this while by my side through all my ups and downs. I am blessed all this years which I have forgotten and I am grateful for all that had happened around me all this years and the higher self was there beside me walking through with me.

* I am also glad that I have brought my friend to this course as I can see that the course has helped her to answer all the questions and doubts after her husband departure (passed away). I wish happiness and higher self be with her and guide her to road of happiness. Namaste


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We provide any advice regarding technical analysis. Specialists are always in touch.


We conduct courses on technical analysis based on different entry level.


We provide business advisory and cultivate Financial Elite for International Economic Ecosystem


We provide certification by reputable teaching organisation in technical analysis


We provide mentor system to ensure members are fit for the market


We have a community that can serve our members in various sector in finance ecosystem.

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IFTAcademy (International Financial Technology Academy) is the World Class Financial Technology Hub with outstanding talents and modern philosophy. IFTAcademy consists of a group of talented mentors who are expert in the global market analysis and the financial ecosystem. Besides that, IFTAcademy also collaborate with world class business consultants who are specifically skilled in the field of Business Investment, Asset & Strategy Management, e-Commerce, Organizational Reformation, Merger & Acquisition(M&A) and Internet Finance.