Paul Sykes

Paul Sykes

Business, Brand and Customer Experience Lead Consultant


  • Business Transformation Advisory
  • Master Plan Development Advisory
  • Brand and Marketing Legacy Planning
  • Global Digital Marketing


41-3, The Boulevard Office, Mid Valley City K.L

Paul is a multi-award winning Visionary Leader in Branding, Marketing, Fintech and Sports. Paul is a Global Award Winner in Digital Tech Deployment, and Winner of the UK Deloitte National Innovation for Business Award.

Paul works at the very top of the marketing and corporate communications world; leading marketing and communications teams, leading national and global projects in business transformation, digital transformation, marketing master planning post Covid-19, brand and marketing legacy planning and marketing trend forecasting.

Activation of World Leading University Partnerships – Focused on Collaborative Projects

Leading World Class University Marketing Partnership Winner of 10 Year National Sports Marketing Tender & Global Recognition for Sports

Global Digital Marketing Award Winner. “Finology Fintech World Champions” Asia Digital Award Winner & Digital Transformation Leader
Pioneering APAC Online Retailing, Shopping and Promotion Experiences Working at WPP – one of the World’s top advertising and marketing consultancy firms
Developing Amazing Brands and Memorable Customer & Student University Experiences

From A Scrap of Paper to a National Programme Employing 250 people

UK Winner Deloitte (Touche Ross) National Innovation for Business Award

Helper to Disabled Kids on Boats and Barge Holidays – Council for Disabled Children

Award Winning

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